The history of Global Index Advisors dates back to 1966, when the founding principals of the firm began providing investment consulting services to the defined benefits market. In 1993, in an effort to design more appropriate benchmarks for total portfolios, the founding principals developed the first “total portfolio” indexes, the Quantidex Indexes, a series of five relative-risk indexes. GIA was formed in 1994 to create and market portfolio index investment products and strategies for the defined contribution market. In January 1995, GIA was hired to serve as sub-advisor for series of ERISA qualified commingled funds benchmarked to the Quantidex Indexes.

In 2000, GIA transferred the methodology supporting the initial risk-based portfolio indexes to Dow Jones Indexes. In 2003, GIA, in conjunction with Dow Jones Indexes, began design work on the Dow Jones Target Date Indexes, which were officially launched in 2005. Through its unique relationship with Dow Jones Indexes, GIA licenses the Target Date Indexes and sub-advises investment products benchmarked to the indexes.

Today, GIA focuses exclusively on risk managed asset allocation products, and serves as a sub-advisor to over $8 billion in Target Date assets.
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