Global Index Advisors offers a variety of investment advisory, index design, and asset allocation consulting services.

Investment Advisory Services

Global Index Advisors currently manages over $8 billion in Target Date assets through relationships with Wells Fargo Funds Management, LLC and State Street Global Advisors, a division of State Street Bank and Trust Company. Both sets of funds are benchmarked to the Dow Jones Target Date Indexes.   GIA began providing sub-advisory services to The Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target Date Funds in June 2006 when the funds adopted the Dow Jones Target Date Indexes as their benchmark.  Wells Fargo has been a pioneer in the target space since the launch of the original Outlook Target Date Funds in 1994. The Wells Fargo Funds were the first registered mutual funds benchmarked to the Dow Jones Global Target Date Indexes.

Global Index Advisors and State Street Global Advisors partnered together in January of 1995 to create what are now the SSgA/Dow Jones Target Date Strategies. They are a series of collective trusts benchmarked to the Dow Jones Global Target Date Indexes.

Index Design

Global Index Advisors has worked extensively in the design of domestic and foreign equity style indexes and multi-asset class portfolio indexes, including target date indexes. Their Quantidex Indexes, launched in January of 1995, were the first indexes available to benchmark the performance of balanced portfolios at various levels of risk. These indexes were transferred to Dow Jones Indexes in 1997 and became the basis for the Dow Jones Relative Risk Indexes and the Dow Jones Target Date Indexes.

Global Index Advisors, through its long relationship with Dow Jones Indexes, has developed dozens of Dow Jones Indexes; including the Dow Jones U.S. Style Index Series, the Dow Jones Europe/Canada Index, the Dow Jones Asia/Pacific Index, the Dow Jones Institutional Emerging Markets Index, the Dow Jones Relative Risk Portfolio Index Series and the Dow Jones Target Date Portfolio Index Series.

Asset Allocation Services

Global Index Advisors also provides asset allocation services to defined contribution plan sponsors and consultants desiring quantitatively driven target date and relative risk “custom portfolios” that utilize a plan’s existing fund lineup. Our work in this area combines our Quantidex portfolio optimization methodology with a focus on the “participant experience” at various levels of risk for various stages in the retirement savings process.
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